Self Portrait with Stones
The Lobster
The Doorway
How it Happened
The Darkroom
Dalkeith Palace
Front Swing
Madison #1
Pictured Rocks #2
Twelve Mile Beach
Lake Latimer
Self Portrait with Self
Turbine #1
Morning Glory: Evening
Community Garden, Menasha, WI
Rawley Point Lighthouse, Wisconsin
Pelicans #10
Hartman Creek State Park, WI
Riverside Greenhouse, Remains #1
Trees and Ice #4
Ash Tree #6
Anza-Borrego State Park, #2
Lilly Walking
Blue Monarch
The Six-Cornered Snowflake
Three Reasons to Leave
They Fell Early
Waiting for the Jaguar
Revolution of the Tear Duct
Vali and the Leaves
Vali, Lake Michigan, #7
The Wildcat
Water Lily
Preserved Frog
Scarlet Ibis, Alcântara, Maranhão, Brasil
Doug on the Moon
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